Digital Health Experience Series

The Digital Health Experience series is a collection of reports that aims to help health insurers better understand what members want from their plan providers and to offer perspectives on how insurers could evolve to better serve consumers. The series will be released over a period of 12 months and will cover such topics as adoption of digital health resources, healthcare trends among different consumer segments, member education, consumer pain points, opportunities in mobile health and many more.

Our reports draw on Corporate Insight's 2016 Digital Healthcare Survey of individuals who are enrolled in a health insurance plan, either as a policyholder or a qualified dependent. We also utilize our Healthcare Monitor subscription service, the Digital Healthcare Audit and user experience research. For key findings from the first report, Insurers Get a Digital Health Check, read the news release.

Report Topics

We assess the current state of digital health resources and offer recommendations to help insurers improve their offerings to better meet members’ needs.

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We profile Gen Y and Gen X consumers in terms of their behaviors, attitudes and perceptions regarding healthcare.  

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We provide best practice examples of mobile capabilities to help health insurers improve their member app experience.

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Healthcare Research Services

Healthcare Monitor

The Healthcare Monitor subscription service helps health insurers stay attuned to the pulse of the industry through ongoing and detailed analysis of the behind-login member experience at competitor insurance firms. Deliverables include in-depth reports on key aspects of the digital member experience, monthly updates on tactical changes to member sites and mobile apps, collateral materials and communications, and a comprehensive inventory of digital capabilities and resources.

Digital Healthcare Audit

The Digital Healthcare Audit benchmarks a health insurer’s member-facing digital experience against its key competitors’ and identifies the changes that would lead to a best-in-class experience. Using our proprietary Audit grading framework, we rate insurers’ member sites and mobile apps across six categories, 31 sub-categories and more than 200 attributes. The resulting analysis presents the client’s digital strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Recommendations stem from the Audit’s gap analysis and the preferences of members, collected through the 2016 Digital Healthcare Survey.

UX Research

Corporate Insight’s UX Research practice helps health insurers gain objective, actionable insights on their digital properties from the perspective of the end-user. Corporate Insight obtains unbiased user feedback on insurer sites and apps for members, healthcare providers, employers and brokers – segments with very different user needs. In addition to comparative assessments of health insurance firms, Corporate Insight’s custom deliverables provide health insurers with meaningful results on truncated timelines.

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